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Easy Money - family bookkeeping program which helps your family feel the pulse of household running. You are always aware of what you spend your money on and when. It shows the family's income and where the money flows. Displays periods of excessive expenses, views and prints colored circle diagrams of activities, plans frequent income and expense operations with automatic entry.

Unlike many other similar programs Easy Money supports multilevel cost elements, applies single entry method for expenses and generates interactive reports. Easy Money provides multicurrency accounting with unlimited "money storage places" (wallet, bank deposit, safe, etc). It also enables separate accounting and reporting for individual users (family members). You will appreciate Easy Money's simple intuitive interface and operation speed. To run the program you require no additional programs or data libraries but for the program itself and data-storage file.

Easy Money - a program for family bookkeeping. It will help you to be aware of all the family finances. You will always know how much income your family has been on what and when money was spent and what the purchase of low cost. You can see all aspects of the color pie charts, and if necessary, then print. You can use the automatic entry of frequent transactions planned income and expenditure.
Unlike other programs of similar type, Easy Money supports multiple types of costs, expenses allows you to enter a single operation, and generate online reports. Easy Money supports the consideration of family finances in different currencies, unlimited number of storage locations of money (wallet, bank, bank, etc.). And, like a real family program allows you to share records and produce reports for users (family members). The simple intuitive interface and speed will allow you to evaluate the program Easy Money, which does not need any other additional programs. All you need is the program itself and the file where the data is stored.

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