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Support only Windows

Phonebook is a telephone notebook with an option of adding, storing, modifying and deleting of information on your business contacts, friends and relatives. This program will quickly find phone number or address of any person in question though you may remember nothing save his or her name.

The phonebook will remind about birthday dates allowing you to congratulate your friends with an e-mail message or a phone call immediately through the program. The program automatically calculates age and you will never miss any one's anniversary. To ensure data security against unauthorized access you may password the program. The program stores any information concerning your contacts in the Notes section and retrieves records against relevant text extracts.

Phonebook allows you to add, store, modify, delete records of your acquaintances, friends, relatives. With this program you can always quickly find your phone or address of your friend, even if you only remember the name.
Using the phone book you will never miss birthday of your friends can send them an email or call directly from the program. It is automatically calculated by age, and you'll never miss birthdays. To support the preservation of data from unauthorized access, you can set a password to log into the program. The program will help you keep any notes on your friends in the note field, and find the record of the text in them.

The program is free and you can download it absolutely free.